Friday, June 27, 2008

Update and Plans

Call me insane, but I have five blogs and several other personal journal/diaries set up online and I just want to create more. I'd like to just create one where I can put everything but I haven't found a free version of anything that has been just right to do that. Oh, I could probably do it but it wouldn't look or function the way I want it to. Ah, well. I just started another blog about all things paranormal. I'll post about it more when it's up and running.

Here at Rudigirl's Book World, I have many things in store. Hopefully, this weekend, I can implement some of those ideas. Those of us who love books also love bookstores and libraries so I plan to feature a different one each week and tag or categorize them for future searches. That's all I'm revealing for now. ;)

The contest winner for the Texty Ladies Monday Mix Contest has been posted so please check out the winner. I can't wait for next week's contest!

That's it for now. Until next time...