Monday, April 27, 2009

Manic Monday - April 27, 2009

Today's questions/prompts are:

What's the best summer job you ever had?

One of the few jobs I held before starting work full time was tying jigs. Fishing lure. The work was done at home and I’d receive a certain amount of cents per jig. Being a perfectionist, I’m surprised I didn’t agonize over getting them just right. I guess at the time, I was more concerned about making a few bucks and spending it with friends.

Tell me about the worst date you ever went on.

I’ve never had any horrible dates other than that I allowed I guy who liked me (but I wasn’t so sure I felt the same) to kiss me and it was the worst kiss EVER!!! Talk about all teeth and no nothing!

Do you think the age for a driver's license should be raised (currently 16 here in the U.S.)?

There are certainly some 16 year old kids mature enough to drive but there are many who are not. Perhaps there could be an additional test they’d have to take to prove maturity, responsibility and forethought. Hmmm

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Danielle said...

Love the worst date! To funny! What an interesting summer job. Sounds pretty simple! Check out my Manic monday on