Thursday, May 29, 2008

Texty Ladies

Well, I certainly haven't done much with this blog, have I? This was to be my site for posting book reviews, writing exercises and all things literary.

My new group blog, Texty Ladies, has taken up a good portion of my free time and so I haven't done a very good job of keeping up with my other blogs. Over at Texty Ladies, my writer friend Jane and I (the blog started out with three of us) are blogging about writing, music and art. Here are our daily themes:

Monday Mix - A grab bag of stuff about music, art, writing, book, hot guys, what ever tickles our fancy!

Talkative Tuesday - Interviews with writers, artists and musicians. We've had some fantastic interviewees so please have a look-see.

Wild Wednesday - This originally started out as Wild Design Wednesday where Kayko would post tutorials, however, she's no longer blogging with us so Jane has taken over and is posting about a variety of subjects.

Thoughtful Thursday - This is my weekly column. So far, the subjects have varied. I'm still working out what type of column this will be: informative, persuasive, life stories or what-have-you.

Fiction Friday - We will eventually be posting a continuing story on Fridays. Until we're ready, we will have guest bloggers on this day. Once the story gets rolling, we might switch the guest blogging to another day.

I hope you'll stop by Texty Ladies and have a look. Please feel free to comment!