Monday, June 23, 2008

Writing Contest

I promise this blog will not be my pimpin' place for all things Texty Ladies! But, I must let you know about one thing:

My Texty Ladies blog is now holding a weekly contest in the Monday Mix. We post a picture and ask that people write about it using 200 words or less. It can be in the form of a song, poem, short story or whatever you like. On Wednesday, we’ll post the selected winner on our Home Page and also on our Monday Mix Winners Hall of Fame page. The winners will receive a little something from the Texty Ladies as well. Said “little something” will be mentioned at a later date as it is not yet ready.

I hope you’ll go to Texty Ladies to get more details and submit an entry. I can’t wait to read it!


Contest-Gal said...

I love also to read more interesting things. This contest will have a great an enjoy game to have:)