Thursday, March 26, 2009

BTT: Best "Worst" Book

This week's BTT question was suggested by Janet:

The opposite of last week’s question: “What’s the best ‘worst’ book you’ve ever read — the one you like despite some negative reviews or features?”

Okay, I'm going WAY OUT on a limb here people. I can't think of any books I've read that have had really negative'm going to go WAY back to when I was, oh, 11 or so and I discovered a book in our downstairs bookshelf. No one ever looked at those books, or so I thought... hmm....

Anyway, I found this book and thought, "Wow, the cover looks very mod and cool. Maybe I should take a look inside." Lord, Have Mercy! That book brought a whole new world into existence. So much so that I had to share it with my girlfriend who lived next door.

What is this book I speak of? What could be that intriguing? Why would I name it as a best "worst" book?

I'm saying it was the best "worst" book I've ever read (actually, only a few sections!) because while it was titilating to say the least, it gave me one particular feeling I never wanted to feel again. That icky, squeeze-my-eyes-tightly-shut-hands-over-ears-la-la-la disgusting feeling. A lesson was learned that day.

What the heck book is it already?

Up, The Hard Way.

I don't know who the author is and I can't find it on Amazon or other bookstore sites. I'm sure it's online somewhere.

I think it was supposed to be a 70's look at the swinging lifestyle. I never read it all the way through, as I mentioned above. In fact, I could have the story all wrong. I do know that I remembered the experience and how my friend and I read a few sections, on a few different occasions, then stuffed it back in the bookshelf never to be looked at again (by my eyes anyway).

Before you go thinking I'm a prude, remember, I was only 11ish at the time. A book like that would undoubtedly not have that exact same effect today.

Forewarned is forearmed, I say. I think.


Teena in Toronto said...

I played ... even though I couldn't think of one :(

Blodeuedd said...

Haven't heard of it, but I am sure it was bad good :)