Sunday, January 4, 2009

Artist Camille M. Boggs

Over the past few days, I've been surfing from one creative blog to the next, pulling a few to add links to from my blog. I'm always amazed by what people come up with and the incredible talent that is out in this big, bad world. One artist blew me away so I'm featuring her here. Needless to say, I'm incredibly inspired by her work and it makes me want to figure out what my creative niche is. I present to you, Camille M. Boggs.

Camille Boggs fell in love with papermaking in college. She began cutting paper and found that the #11 x-acto blade became an extension of her hand. From the work you see here, I'd say she found the right medium to work in.


The Sun was Snowing


Maybe Next Time

She works in 2D and 3D and her photography mimics her cut paper work. You'll have to go to her site to view the rest of her jaw-dropping work.

Thank you for your amazing talent, Camille! It is such an inspiration!


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