Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Snag in the Plan

Participating in the CreativeEveryDay challenge has been difficult since as soon as I decide to be more consistent in my creative efforts, the tendonitis in my right hand decided to flare up. I tried sketching and couldn't draw more than two small figures before the shooting and constant pain increased and I had to put down my pencil.

I will say that I've tried to think more creatively lately. My mind has been filled with ideas and projects I'd like to tackle so hopefully I can do that soon. Until I can draw again, I can be working on other projects like writing poetry. My goal this week is to write one or two or three haikus. I'd love to have enough to create a poetry book some time this year. Cross your fingers that I'm up to the challenge!


Sharon said...

Hi Pamala, Thanks for visiting my blog, I love new visitors.

I have a challenge for you. Last year sometime, I challenged myself to use my non dominant hand to sketch and then paint. It was great fun and took great concentration. You should try it while you are resting your other hand.

Pamela said...

Hi, Sharon! That's an excellent idea! I think I'll give it a try. I thought my right hand was doing better but whenever I squeeze anything between my fingers, the shooting pain starts again. Thanks for the challenge! :)