Saturday, January 3, 2009

Word(s) for the Year

I posted my goals for 2009 yesterday because I wanted a fresh start after a very difficult year in 2008. My hope is that 2009 will be more productive and less serious. While surfing around my Favorite websites, I stumbled upon "Resolution Revolution" by Christine Kane. In her post, she talks about having a theme word for the year. Instead of listing resolutions that we try but often fail it, she suggests choosing a word to inspire and lead us throughout the year. I like this idea.

While I still plan to strive toward the goals I set yesterday, I'd like to also choose a word for the year that could help me accomplish even more. Ms. Kane suggests getting quiet and taking a few days to determine which word you will choose and offers a list of words you can choose from or to use as inspiration in your choice. My initial thought was to choose the word "presence" as I tend to be thinking of the future most of the time and not living in the moment. I think I'll get quiet and think on it for the next few days and then make my final decision and post it here. I recommend that you take a look at her post on this subject and give it a try. What could it hurt?